Food Glorious Food!


And a couple of beers. Couple… erm. Twenty-four to be exact.

WHO LIKES CHEAP FOOD?! MEEEE! I’ve seen this site floating around my newsfeed a fair bit over the years but I never really went for it, because they don’t do much fresh food – for obvious reasons (pst! all of their food is either out of date or close to sell by/best before date) – but as well pretty much know by now, that means very little when it comes to store cupboard food (and alcohol) such as what is shown above.

I was just having a gander through, saw the beer, told Tom and he was sold. Sold on what? Sold on 12 beers for £5 (or 6 for £2.99). Apparently our “fairly successful” tactic to not spend loads of money on alcohol in a pub, is to buy them to drink at home. Well it’s working so far, but then we really don’t have much money to spare so we don’t have much choice.

PLUS ONE OF THE BEERS IS CALLED CORAL. CORAL!!!! That’s my name! I never, ever see my name on things. You know when you were younger, and used to go the gift shops on school trips and family trips or on holiday? Well, of course, I never found my name. When I was 11, my Grandma gave my a keyring with diced letters on it that spelled out my name, She told me she found it at a gift shop somewhere. I was obsessed with this keyring. Well, turns out she didn’t find it exactly like that. She found Carol. And took it apart and remade it to spell my name. Which actually makes it even more special -sign- I don’t have it anymore. Anyway… I digress…

Below I’ll cover the details of the items in alphabetical order, RRP, Price per units, how many units we bought and how much it actually cost us. You can see at the bottom the differences in price. This is not a scam. I REPEAT. THIS IS NOT A SCAM. They really are the RRP prices.

Approved Foods


As you can see, what would have cost us over £88, cost us under £24. Now you have to factor that Shipping costs £5.99 per box (THE BOXES ARE HUGE!) butit still works out very cheap even with delivery charges. Some items (i.e flaked truffles) was on a 24 hour deal. 1 penny for the box. And they sent us a box of milka chocolate twist cake instead of a single on by accident. The box is measured by weight but with 24 beers, we were still around 5KG off our total weight. Shipping takes a while unless you pay an £1.99 for fast track. We ordered our box on a weekend (Sat/Sun) with the Monday being a bank holiday and received our box on Friday 2pm. Everything was extremely well packed, secure and all glass items were wrapped in bubble wrap.


Some products taste a tiny bit stale, as expected but the majority taste completely fine, and well worth the few pennies they cost. Especially the beer. Mmm beer!

We may have already bought another box. Maybe. I’ll probably do another post on the new box when it arrives. YAY FOOD!

Enjoy what the world has to offer.
C x