Corona Light Review

I didn’t even know this version of the iconic Mexican brew existed until I stumbled across a crate of 24 bottles for sale on one night. I shouted at my laptop screen to take my money and made the purchase even after seeing the horrendous reviews this beer had online because, well, I’m a sucker for buying any beers or food I see that aren’t usually available in the UK

These bottles actually tasted a bit less ‘skunky’ than most bottles of Corona I’ve had in the past and they are only 99 calories per bottle which isn’t too bad if you’re being a bit calorie conscious but that’s where the positives end really. I genuinely didn’t know it was possible to make beer taste like sparkling water and still be around 4% alcohol but the magicians at the Corona brewery have managed it. It probably is one of worst lagers I’ve ever tasted and completely void of any flavour that I can really critique it on, I mean I finished a bottle about 5 minutes ago and I’ve already forgotten what it tastes like, but strangely I still kinda like it.

That’s maybe down to the fact that when I first started drinking it I was watching season 1 of the terrific Bloodline on Netflix and it just seemed right that I was drinking a bottle or two (or maybe 7…) of Corona Light while watching a show that is set in the Florida Keys. A bit like how a blindingly cold bottle of Banks tasted amazing while I was burning my pasty English body on a beach in Barbados but when I bought a bottle at home and drank it in our flat in Liverpool while watching Law & Order it was a bit sh*t.

Anyway, it’s probably safe to say I won’t be ordering another crate of Corona Light after finishing off the last few bottles, but I’ll have happy memories of staying up ‘till 5am on my week off and getting a wee bit drunk off of this stuff while binge watching the travails of the Rayburn family.

Remnants of a Bloodline binge

Overall I’d say you were best avoiding this one unless you’re lucky enough to have your ass parked in a deck chair on some palm fringed beach in the Caribbean, in which case it will probably taste like nectar of the gods.

More rambling and off topic beer reviews coming up soon (if you can even call this a review!?) as we’ve just bought some other lagers to try.

Until next time, cheers!